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Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do the Dental Benefits work with Insurance?

Your AmeriPlan® card will work with most dental insurance plans in these money-saving ways:

1. Your cost for each procedure will be reduced, reducing your remaining co-pay. (Note: Your dental office will make necessary adjustments in your final co-pay, but by law your insurance company must be billed the same amount as other patients.)

2. Since your cost per procedure is reduced, your annual 'cap' (usually around $1000 - $1500 per year) stretches further, giving you more value for your premiums!

3. Many procedures aren't covered by insurance, such as cosmetic dentistry. With your AmeriPlan® benefits, you will receive discounts on ALL procedures!

"I needed a cap on one of my teeth. My dentist's regular price for a cap is almost $900, but for AmeriPlan® members he charges only $600. So they billed my insurance company and after adjusting for my AmeriPlan discount®, I was left with under $100 out of pocket. They took care of all the details for me, and just sent me a bill for what was left!" -- Kurt Wilkins

Note: In some cases, the AmeriPlan benefits will duplicate insurance benefits, so be aware that you won't receive the same duplicate benefits twice.

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